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Victoria: "This funding helps a minority-owned notarial services business continue to grow."
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Aug 20, 2022
Wholly Baby LLC started from me needing access to documents, faxing, and general services that were not accessible via the internet for a reasonable price. The company was created so individuals could handle everyday business via the internet or mobile at an affordable price. Wholly Baby LLC is devised to provide timely and convenient Notarial services and supply businesses with documentation regarding agreements and other custom templates. Wholly Baby LLC is a home-based company that offers assistance via the internet and mobile services. Wholly Baby LLC will soon move to a commercial location and provide more services. For instance, I am adding Pennsylvania's transportation services to my business. This merger will allow Wholly Baby LLC to provide motor vehicle titles, registration, transfers, photo id, passports, and more to my community. Most importantly, Wholly Baby LLC offers free faxing, printing, and notarial services to the disadvantaged and those who need our assistance to gain employment.