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World Tree

Eco-timber investment that offsets your carbon footprint
El Segundo, 
Investment type:
Target raise:
 - $4,999,999
Minimum investment:​
End date:
Jan 01, 2022

  • $8.7M Raised to date and funding over 270 tree farms.
  • Fast-growing, renewable hardwood trees provide lumber in just 10 years.
  • Largest grower of Empress Splendor trees in North and Latin America with over 5,000 acres planted.
  • Superior carbon capture – 1 acre offsets the carbon footprint of approximately 2 Americans.
Our Story

World Tree is a new kind of company, focused on elevating, educating, and innovating for our planet. World Tree implements regenerative agroforestry projects; simultaneously reversing climate change and making significant economic impacts for small farmers and investors. By leveraging the dynamic properties of World Tree’s most beloved renewable resource, the Empress Splendor tree (non-invasive Paulownia varieties), World Tree provides opportunity and support to its partners and our planet.
Our Ambition

Over the next 5 years, World Tree intends to plant 3.5 million trees, producing over $3 billion of marketable lumber. Not to mention, the priceless value of offsetting millions of tons of carbon every year. It's our goal to prove that you can make a profit and save the world at the same time!