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Green Tech

Wind Harvest

Harvesting Massive Untapped Wind Markets
Investment type:
(Promissory note)
Target raise:
 - $2,500,000
Minimum investment:​
End date:
Jan 20, 2023

  • We have raised over $17M, including $1.47M from our previous crowdfunding campaign.
  • Investors receive 8% interest annually and have a potential 3X to 20X equity upside.
  • Our turbines can be profitably used by 20% of wind farms around the world. That is huge!
  • By 2025, the mid-level wind market size is estimated to be over $250 Billion.
Our Story

We make and sell unique wind turbines to harvest large untapped mid-level wind resources. We measure and model how Wind Harvesters can increase the energy output of tall turbines and can be safe for wildlife. Our partners and regional licensees develop projects to use our products and services. We finance and own projects that buy our turbines. We license our patents to meet market demand. We bring value to our shareholders and stakeholders. We reduce energy costs and help restore our climate.
Our Ambition

Our vision is to be the leading developer of H-type wind turbines with a large share of the $250 billion wind farm mid-level wind market plus the estimated $100 billion distributed energy market unique for our size turbines. Five years from now, we believe we will: • Achieve $1 billion in annual revenue • Own projects worth hundreds of millions • Be a publicly-traded company • Be on a path to $25 billion in total sales by 2030 * Have the most wildlife friendly turbines in the world.