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Village Hand Pies

Amy & Graham are buying equipment for their hand pies!
Investment type:
(10.75% 60 months)
Target raise:
 - $35,000
Minimum investment:​
End date:
Mar 11, 2022

Starting in December 2020, Village Hand Pies has grown over 2000% since their first quarter in business!

Our Story

Amy & Graham are buying equipment for their hand pies!The world of Village Hand Pies is a delicious one! We bring together flavors from all over the world, mix them up and stuff them into delicious, buttery, flakey puff pastry! A hand pie from Village Hand Pies caters to everyone. From the culinarily adventurous to the pickiest palate, there is a pie for you!Village Hand Pies believes in the strength of community - the Venn of Pie we like to call it. Each Village Hand Pie supports several other small businesses.Our pies are sold direct-to-consumer and wholesale. We hope to expand our wholesale business over the next year. We already have interest from Cherry Capital Foods, a specialty food distributor in the Midwest.Through this campaign, we are looking to find our own kitchen/storefront and expand our business through purchasing the equipment we need to continue our success.
Our Ambition

Village Hand Pies is a small business. We have the pains that most small businesses do. We need to work full-time to capitalize on our business and work full-time at our business. Every penny (and then some) the business makes goes right back in. We ferry some of our cooking equipment from our home to the shared commercial kitchen we use. Having equipment dedicated to the business will allow us to ramp up production to meet our wholesale demand. We will have an opportunity to launch our Sopesso Pie Programme (buy one, feed one). We are in need of operating capital to find our own kitchen and/or storefront. We may take a small storefront without a full kitchen if the location is right.