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Nancy: "This funding helps a minority woman-owned business create our first product to launch for sale by fall 2022."
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Oct 19, 2022
I've always worked for companies where I felt valued and enjoyed being part of the team. I wasn't planning on becoming an entrepreneur. But I felt compelled to do something when Roe v. Wade was overturned. I enrolled in the free Entrepreneurship Program offered by Centro Community Partners, a non-profit organization helping low-income, minorities, and women entrepreneurs create small businesses. Using Centro's business planning app, I created the first draft for Vaginomite Products' business plan. Each week in the 9-week program, we worked on subjects like market analysis, business finance, marketing strategy, and operations. Many times I thought to myself, "This is so hard. I can't do this!". But with the support of my classmates and instructor, I forged on. Vaginomite Products company received our business license in the city of Berkeley in July 2022. We are creating our first product: flower/vagina inspired shaped, sour, hard-candy lollipops to sell online and at pop-up events (ex. live music, street, and food festivals, farmers' markets...) by September 25, 2022. 26% of every sales transaction will be donated to national global organizations fighting for women's rights (Global Fund for Women, National Organization for Women, Days for Girls). We plan to create more products in different industries (feminine hygiene, apparel, beauty...) creating a strong brand to bring awareness and funding to women's rights causes. Shop and give back is our business theme/model. Our goal is to encourage purposeful spending lifestyle and bio-synergetic community collaboration with companies like Love Not War, Quince and others building ethical and sustainable businesses. VPC's goal is to support and collaborate with organizations fighting for equality, sustainability, and being good stewards of our planet. We want to make shopping and giving back the choice consumers make when making a purchase.