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Howaida: "This funding helps to purchase equipment to expand our menu so that we may offer more Middle Eastern and North African cuisine."
San Antonio, 
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Dec 16, 2022
Middle Eastern and North African (MENA) cuisine has historically been renowned for its rich flavor, aromatic accompaniment, and healthy affiliation. The assortment of spices creates a rich and flavorful food that leaves your taste buds lingering. Tripoli’s opened its doors in September 2011, and since then, we have worked hard to make Tripoli a place for all to enjoy. We strive to invoke the nostalgic sense of home and warmth through our authentic MENA cooking, handcrafted specialty beverages, and atmosphere. We are proud to have created an ambiance that allows our guests to lose themselves in the music playing, becoming immersed in the artwork on the walls, and being stimulated by the overall atmosphere, all while enjoying the hospitality provided and the quality of the cuisine, handcrafted specialty beverages, and desserts being prepared. Our vision is to serve our community an unforgettable MENA experience while nurturing appetites one person at a time. We want to be a recognized and loved brand and the number one place people choose to fill their cravings, celebrate their achievements, and acknowledge their loved ones. We are not only in existence to nourish appetites but also to serve as a gateway to the MENA. We can expand horizons and serve as a first-time experience for many guests. We have a diverse staff, and as part of our extensive training, we have created opportunities for them to experience the MENA through the cuisine, the music, the artwork, historical lessons about the region, and the familial and community cultural elements that make the MENA as unique as it is. Our team can pass this knowledge and experience on to our guests. Owning Tripoli provides an opportunity for us to dispel myths while developing palates.