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Trinity Gaming Company

Tom: "This funding helps purchase Trinity Chess decks for retail and marketing."
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Oct 20, 2022
I have created a game and over the last two years brought it to life. It is the next evolution of chess for this century. I have a patent pending on the mechanics and will be launching it over the next few months. I operate from my home in Gainesville, FL, and will be partnering with a local brick-and-mortar game store soon. The game has a low price point of $15 (FREE for those who can't afford that) and is meant to bring people together. We have removed the white versus black, the gender specificity of the pieces, and the privilege that enables white to go first from the traditional game. But above all, it is fun. It unites and spreads joy through friendly competition in hard economic and post-pandemic times. We have a website and are developing a social media presence. We plan to use crowdfunding for the launch and then be available through online, direct sale, Amazon launchpad, Google Business,, and other gaming sites. As I said in my personal story, I decided to start this business at one of the low points of my life while dealing with depression, alcoholism, and incarceration. I made a game for the guys around me and they loved it. It changed my life and gave me a brand-new direction. I would also like to change Chess forever from the Game of Kings (elites) to the Game of the People.