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Elisa: "This funding helps a family fulfill their dream of purchasing a food-truck to grow their business."
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Aug 17, 2023
Today I am extremely happy to have my own food truck business up and running. Our food truck is located in a physical location in a great open area where people can see it, and have easy access to it. Customers can eat here in our outside dining area, or order food for pickup from our menu which has dishes for all ages. The biggest challenge for me this past year has been not being able to save up all the money needed to purchase my very own food truck as the one we're working on is a rental. Business is great when it comes to people tasting our food. There are always great compliments, but I feel everyone here is still trying to recuperate from Covid damages. There have been great weeks where the earnings are super high, and then there are weeks when profits are really low. So we prepare for those defaults with the money that we save up on our great wins. I feel inflation has a lot to do with it as people love our food, and would love to enjoy more of it, but the increase in prices nationwide has definitely made an impact not only in my business but in a lot of businesses out here. A Kiva loan would be of great help to solidify my business.