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Always With You
Investment type:
Target raise:
 - $2,000,000
Minimum investment:​
End date:
Apr 11, 2022
Our Story

At ThinOptics, we invented the “glasses on your phone” category in the market. By creating light, thin, durable glasses, we strive to create long-standing relationships between our products and customers. In short: We’re Always With You.
Our Ambition

THE SOLUTION Reading Glasses Backed by Sophisticated Technology  We created the bridge between eyeglasses and mobility by designing super-strong, lightweight glasses that can adhere to any flat, non-porous surface -- and are most optimally utilized when attached  to your mobile phone. ThinOptics' solutions enable both sunglasses and reading glasses to be Always With You. Our main source of revenue is direct-to-consumer both on our website and Amazon. This makes up over 90% of our revenue. All sales are paid in advance, with prices ranging from $20 to $130. Our AOV on YTD is $49 and for the month of September it was $54.COGs are 30% Gross Margin is 55%Contribution Margin after commissions and Acquisitions costs is 31% A new-to-file customer will contribute a gross margin amount of $50 over a one year period. Plus, 30% of our customers repurchase in the first year.