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The Upper Crust

Mark Kennison & Chef Jason Saunders are revamping a beloved restaurant and rust belt town all at once.
Investment type:
(9.75% annually)
Target raise:
 - $75,000
Minimum investment:​
End date:
Jul 01, 2021
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In addition to the kitchen, The Upper Crust will feature a local/import market to compliment the dining experience. We will have goods produced within our county for sale along with some specialty Italian import items to bring our local and authentic theme full circle. The market will include wine, beer, and spirits all produced in Pennsylvania that can be purchased for onsite consumption or that can be taken home to enjoy.
Our Ambition

I opened The Upper Crust on June 4, 2010. There was a line around the corner from day 1 as we were the first locally opened and operated business to come to the downtown for quite some time. Our Main Street was in decline for many years, with businesses closing or moving away. Since then several other businesses have opened up in downtown and we are again becoming a destination city. Many attribute The Upper Crust as the spark that ignited the revitalization movement of the downtown business district. I sold the business in 2014 so I could push forward my development efforts. The business was relocated away from Main Street and did not remain open for long. It was unfortunate to hear, but it gave me the opportunity to bring it back one day. To this day, locals say how much they miss it and wish it could come back. This will be an epic return, front-page news, and social media headline. The new location is a more central location and back on Main Street in a bigger and better space. I have partnered with an excellent, local chef that specializes in Italian. All the major pieces are set in place for a successful launch.