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The Love Juice Co.

Khrysta: "This funding helps us upgrade our equipment, software and grow our small business."
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Aug 12, 2022
My story starts with my ambition to just have a great business but didn't know what exactly to get into. While I love fashion and being philanthropic, I felt that if I wanted to pursue fashion I needed to move somewhere else like New York and it was just not for me. Fast forward years later, and the story begins with a friend and I walking down the street and shopping at stores one day when the idea came about. I had a friend who was known as the Juice King around the neighborhood, and everywhere we went he would be stopped by his following. The idea hit me to start a juice and smoothie venture with him being my partner. I had the business acumen and he had the customer base. I learned that this business was just not his dream, so I continued without him and that's where I am today.