The Drivers Cooperative

A ridehailing platform owned by workers, not billionaire founders and venture capital.
New York, 
Investment type:
(Revenue Share)
Target raise:
 - $2,500,000
Minimum investment:​
End date:
Feb 01, 2022

  • 100% worker-owned
  • >3,000 drivers recruited to the platform
  • >30K rider accounts in the app
  • Over 2,000 completed trips since launch in late May
Our Story

Co-op Ride is a driver-owned transportation cooperative. Drivers collect a much larger share of the fare and profits go back to drivers. Most importantly drivers have a seat at the table and democratic participation in the decisions that impact their lives.
Our Ambition

We want to have at least 2.5 - 10% of the market in ten major metropolitan areas globally. These projections cannot be guaranteed.