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Food & Bev

The Conscious Pet

Healthy dog food upcycled from restaurant kitchen food-scraps in Austin TX
Investment type:
(Revenue Share)
Target raise:
 - $499,999
Minimum investment:​
End date:
Oct 26, 2022

  • ?? Experienced founders with multiple exits & #3 on Inc 5000 meteoric growth
  • ?? Revenue share PLUS Equity ownership; 5% of net revenue
  • ?? Clean ingredient human food, gently-cooked
  • ?? Pet Food is a $34Billion industry and growing, but hasn’t kept up with nutrition science
Our Story

Dog food is changing. The best nutrition includes healthy proteins, fats, vitamins/minerals and fiber; it doesn’t include artificial ingredients, animal meal, grains, or legumes which are all linked to health issues. We’re rescuing local restaurant kitchen scraps, before they’re spiced or combined, and upcycling them into the perfect mix of nutrients for your dog. We power this process with clean energy, produce zero waste, and package it in a fully-compostable bag that's shelf-stable.
Our Ambition

We want to be a major part of the Austin community, helping pets everywhere eat better and live happy lives.