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TangoDelaware on Kiva
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People of Color


Manuel: "This funding helps acquire essential equipment for making empanadas."
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End date:
Jul 31, 2022
Tango offers a culinary option of comfort food and healthy, to go and fast, creative, multicultural, and accessible food to everyone. This is an innovative initiative that is a first in Sussex County and a first in Georgetown. The association/organization: FSCAA, with a long history of supporting the community that suffers from deprivation. This initiative intends to obtain profits that make it possible to improve the quality of life of our family but above all to propose a business model different from the usual. Profits are not exclusively pursued, but also provide a space for internships, learning and launching new initiatives, and generating development opportunities for other people. That is why we propose a Project that integrates three large variables: Economic, Socio-Community, and Educational. We are aware of the difficulties we faced in the first 5 years. The idea is that in this phase the company TangoDelaware LLC can be consolidated as Ghost Kitchen and at the same time generate a network of people and institutions (non-profit and governmental) that can support the initiative by expanding its radius of action. Co-working or collaborative work in common spaces is not a new idea. The novelty that we propose is to receive in this space a varied number of people with diverse interests, proposing as the axis of these initiatives the development of autonomy and entrepreneurship. This Project will be transformed into the next stage, becoming a space for the development of initiatives, training, work, and collaboration in the community. As long as the goals are met in the first five years of operation, the idea is to create a broader space where practice, socialization, and educational areas related to food service and business will be designed.