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Signature Lacrosse

For the Players. By the Players.
Investment type:
(Class B Non-Voting Common Stock)
Target raise:
 - $1,070,000
Minimum investment:​
End date:
Nov 10, 2020

Reasons to Invest Product Market Fit: Makers of the official lacrosse ball for top professional leagues and championships, we’ve achieved more than $8 million in lifetime sales in less than five years and averaging 74% year-over-year growth. Huge Growth Opportunities: Our Signature Partner Program gives us the unique edge of having a data and distribution advantage in the consumer market, plus IP on all of our problem-solving product lines, and a loyal client base. Proven Team to Capitalize: As former and current players and coaches, the Signature team is passionate about sports. With our team’s vast experience in sourcing, manufacturing, innovation, design, sales and marketing, we’re well-poised to continue our growth.

Our Story

Signature Lacrosse is revolutionizing sports gear in the growing lacrosse industry and beyond. Now evolving our solutions-driven product line into Signature Athletics, we are setting out to solve one of biggest problems in team sports—to simplify the process of outfitting teams with custom gear. We are the only brand in sports distributing direct to consumers through our innovative Signature Partner Program team stores. Our premium equipment is also sold through traditional outlets such as Amazon, retail stores and our website.
Our Ambition

We’ll continue to grow by providing our Signature Partner Program team store solution to youth sports markets starting with lacrosse and then expanding  to basketball, soccer, baseball, football, volleyball, golf and more. During this expansion, we are rebranding from Signature Lacrosse to Signature Athletics to represent our evolution into the greater team sports industry. We plan to grow by utilizing our remarketing efforts with parents and players within the partner programs and our proprietary process for bringing new problem-solving products to market. Specifically, we have a network of factories for all facets of manufacturing hard goods for the sports market including: cut and sew, plastic and rubber injection, composite and metal fabrication, as well as a team of contractors with experience in all sporting goods products, plus a staff experienced  in CAD work.  In 2023, we aim to have over 100 Teams as Signature Partner Programs.