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Join the new film from a female-led team, starring Anthony Rapp ("Rent")
Los Angeles, 
Investment type:
(Revenue Share)
Target raise:
 - 450,000
Minimum investment:​
End date:
Mar 01, 2021

  • This film spotlights the homeless crisis currently affecting all major cities in the US.
  • The 20-minute proof-of-concept of Scrap played in 30+ film festivals in 2019, to wide acclaim.
  • The screenplay was a finalist in Sundance’s Development Lab and top 10 in Final Draft’s Big Break.
Our Story

We are a film production company making a feature film that explores a complicated brother-sister relationship against the backdrop of the homeless crisis in Los Angeles.
Our Ambition

We intend for the film to be completed and have enjoyed a successful run at major festivals such as Sundance, Tribeca, and South by Southwest, have sold to a major indie film distributor for first-run theatrical release, and ultimately have sold to a streaming platform such as Netflix, Amazon, or Hulu, with our investors earning profits from all distribution channels.