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Rustic Hill Brew Thru LLC

Melissa: "This funding helps a Small Family Country store buy Pizza equipment to expand into food service and increase revenue."
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Dec 09, 2022
The story behind our business isn't much different than most. Every day for a few years, while on my way to work, I would drive past an old country market that was closed down, and I would think to myself, I wonder why someone didn't fix that place up and reopen it, it is an excellent location with an opportunity to make some money. Then one day, I drove past, and there was an auction sign, so I called my friend to share my crazy idea. A few weeks later, these two crazy moms of 9 kids jumped headfirst into the world of owning a Country Convenience store and dragged our families along for the ride. They all came willingly, too, especially the 3-year-old when he discovered there was a whole new world through those doors, and he was a king. The older woman who we purchased the business from was declining in health and had closed the business down 6+ years earlier due to the death of her husband and son. So, many issues needed to be addressed before we could open, including installing all new electricity and repairing and replacing doors, walls, and windows, plus all-new insulation throughout. This doesn't even include the nightmare of getting the liquor license transferred. We opened our doors to business on December 11 and held our Grand opening in April 2022. We currently sell prepackaged food, snacks, drinks, and personal and household items and hope to start serving hot food soon. We take pride in supporting local businesses, purchasing goods to sell from local vendors, crafters, and businesses when we can, and allowing them to advertise or sell items at our store. We support the community by enabling fundraisers and donating to local charities/groups.