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Rhino Hide

Rhino Hide Bulletproof Wall Filler Protects People Wherever they Gather.
Investment type:
(Priced Round)
Target raise:
 - $501,638
Minimum investment:​
End date:
Mar 28, 2021

  • Allows students and teachers to shelter-in-place from an active shooter or a severe storm
  • Huge B2B and B2C market verticals
  • Can be retrofitted into any building in a very short time at a lower cost
Our Story

School shootings have become a real problem in the United States. While the chances are relatively small that a shooting will occur in any one school, the consequences are disastrous and tear apart whole communities and even the nation. Rhino Hide Bulletproof Wall Filler is a two-part liquid that is poured or pumped into small holes in walls of schools or other buildings, and then hardens to become bulletproof. It also serves to resists projectiles from hurricanes and tornadoes.
Our Ambition

With a total K-12 public school building market size in the US of over $39 billion, we hope and expect to be fulfilling orders to .001% of the 140,000 schools annually. This equates to sales of $39 million per year within the school market vertical alone. These projections cannot be guaranteed.