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Reverend Motors

The holy rollers of oil: Kory, Kolton, and Daniel are scaling production of their American-made performance lubricants.
Investment type:
(12% annually)
Target raise:
 - $100,000
Minimum investment:​
End date:
Sep 08, 2021

Funding Purpose:

Inventory, marketing, product development

Our dream, our goal, our mission is to support and provide your local professional, weekend warrior, and fun-goer in whatever it is that makes their machine run at peak performance. From repairing, racing, or just having fun riding our motorcycles, we have grown our little brand into a trusted company with a shared interest in making memories and experiences through motors and a throttle. The future of motorsports is bright and we are the company that encompasses this tight-knit family of thrill-seekers.
Our Ambition

Our mission and goal is to put our community of enthusiasts first and foremost. We want to help our beloved community by lowering the costs of maintenance products and bring more value by offering a member-based platform where customers and enthusiasts can get cheaper goods, highly informative videos, support the environment with limiting plastic bottle usage, and discounts to partnering tracks and affiliates for a fraction of the cost. With tried and true American-made products, community events, and instructional-related content tailored to the weekend warrior, we plan to play off our strengths and return the passion for motors back to the American garage. Our start into the 278 billion dollar motorcycle market, more specifically the motocross sector, is truly just the tip of the iceberg for us. Many of the same folks within the motorcycle community own boats, classic or performance cars, or simply enjoy having their lawn equipment running at tip-top shape.