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Proctor360 is an emerging EdTech innovation leader that develops solutions for securely monitoring online exams. We're responding to the demand for more advanced tools in the EdTech market projected to exceed $400 Billion by 2025.
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(Common Stock)
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 - $2,000,001
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End date:
Mar 01, 2022
Remote Proctoring: The Key to E-Learning Market Growth. The E-Learning market is projected to grow to $ 1 Trillion globally by 2027. This creates massive social benefits, but for remote learning to have meaning and value, online exams must have the same integrity as in-person testing.Remote proctoring is the segment of E-Learning and EdTech that provides schools, universities, training programs, professional licensing bodies, and certification organizations with tools and services to remotely monitor students' exam sessions to ensure that the exam results have just as much integrity as if the test were taken on campus or in the classroom.It's a high-growth submarket, and Proctor360 is creating solutions to meet new and changing demands.
Our Story

Online learning has seen massive growth over the past 10 years- for academic education, for skill learning, and for professional training & career advancement. And it’s not hard to imagine why. Advancements in technology have made streaming media and communication nearly ubiquitous while the cost of brick & mortar schools has risen and the recent pandemic has forced institutions to limit capacity and find new paths forward with blended and Internet-based instruction models. In 2020, the global E-learning market was estimated at $250 Billion, and it is projected to reach $1 Trillion by 2027. But one of the biggest challenges has been how to validate the knowledge students gain through online learning. For the exams students take online to have the same integrity as those taken in-person (where attempts at cheating can be monitored in-person by proctors), remote proctoring must provide the same level of security.At the same time, schools need flexible solutions that not only integrate well with their existing technology stack, but that also provide a range of remote proctoring options that best suit the various exams a school or organization administers.
Our Ambition

Proctor360's innovations solve critical problems with online testing that will enable the company to capture market share and meet the demands of the industry. For high stakes exams that have, until now, required candidates to visit in-person test centers because remote proctoring wasn't secure enough, we've developed patent pending hardware that will provide remote proctors with a complete 360-degree view of a test-taker's environment during their exam session. And by leveraging AWS's cloud-based scalable architecture, we've designed and built a software platform that enables us to provide a complete range of flexible services that allow our customers to source a single vendor for all their online tests.