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Pop’s MarketPlace
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Pop’s MarketPlace, LLC

Mark: "This funding helps a 3-time Kiva borrower find a new home for his store & continue what the business has started!"
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Jan 30, 2024
Pop's Pantry, a streamlined iteration of the original Pop's MarketPlace, emerged as a strategic pivot during the pandemic. The MarketPlace served as a haven, bringing together vendors from various locales, allowing people to shop safely and support local businesses amid challenging times. The transition to Pop's Pantry resulted from a lease non-extension, prompting a downsizing without sacrificing our commitment to supporting local enterprises. Pop's Pantry preserves its identity as a beloved destination, offering customers a reminiscent experience of our former shop. Our physical store will continue to showcase the culinary delights patrons have come to love, including hot ham and rolls, sweet pastries, and other kitchen creations. To adapt to evolving consumer preferences, we are expanding into the virtual sphere, introducing online ordering for both pickup and potential delivery services. Embracing the lessons learned from our previous business model, we are fervently dedicated to applying this knowledge in our new space. Our mission remains unwavering: to support local vendors, nurture the community, and express gratitude to those who have been steadfast supporters over the past three years. The growth of our business is multifaceted and dynamic. Notably, our customer base is poised to expand by 15%, demonstrating a robust and loyal following. The introduction of online ordering could propel a 30% increase in overall sales, catering to the evolving needs of our clientele and extending our reach beyond physical boundaries. Moreover, our collaboration network with local vendors has expanded by 20%, reinforcing our commitment to promoting diverse regional businesses. As we look ahead, the enthusiasm for the future is palpable. Pop's Pantry is poised to further integrate creativity, community, and quality goods not only within Wisconsin but as a beacon of support and entrepreneurship reaching far beyond our immediate borders. Our commitment remains steadfast—to adapt, grow, and be a positive force in the communities we serve. Check us out on Instagram! @popsmarketplace