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Pip & Lola’s

Sami and Bruce are opening a third handmade soap shop in Pittsburgh's Strip District Terminal.
Investment type:
(10% annually)
Target raise:
 - $16,000
Minimum investment:​
End date:
Jan 12, 2022

Funding Purpose:

New retail location build-out

The boring answer is that Pip & Lola's is a Pittsburgh-area handmade soap company. This is true but that does not really explain to you WHO we are. We (here in our teeny soaping room) are working hard making magic to create the absolute best barely-scented Vegan and Vegetarian soaps possible. We know that heavy scents are often a migraine or allergy trigger for people. These people often don't get to partake in smelly goodness and we think that is just plain sad. Therefore we chose to specialize in lightly scented items. People with scent sensitivities (or just plain don't like heavy scents) deserve Soapy Love too.
Our Story

Fast forward ten years: we find ourselves in Munhall, PA just outside of Pittsburgh and we have one adorable little location on 8th Avenue in Homestead. Business was steady and we were loving our growing, loyal fanbase. Then the COVID Pandemic hit.
Our Ambition

Our future goal is to convert to a B-Corp. Our dream is to be able to donate 50,000 bars of soap per year minimum with 1 million bars being the Big Goal. We want Pip & Lola's to be a force of good and cleanliness.