Pacific Integrated Energy

Pacific Integrated Energy

Creating new solar energy markets
San Diego, 
Investment type:
(Common Stock)
Target raise:
 - $1,070,000
Minimum investment:​
End date:
Aug 28, 2020
PI Energy is developing thin, flexible, solar nanofilms that make it possible to install solar on almost any surface. Our novel materials are low cost and easy to install, which opens vast new untapped markets for clean energy.
Our Story

PI Energy is continuing to refine and develop its unique and flexible solar panel which can be produced with a roll-to-roll manufacturing process. We expect our product will be over 40 times thinner than current market crystalline-silicon solar PV while using earth-abundant and non-toxic materials. We believe these unique advantages open up new markets and makes solar energy available for almost any solid surface.
Our Ambition

We envision PV on most external surfaces for residential, commercial, and industrial markets, and wrapping electric cars & buses, mobile devices and more.  Over the next decade, we intend to reshape the path of renewable energy globally, to bring clean energy within the reach of almost every region and market. PI Energy plans to expand its solar energy product into multiple markets. We plan to have our own high-end production capability that will service the high margin markets. To expand internationally, we plan to utilize regional partners who will either provide funding for regional production and commercialization or just sales channels. Using this model, we believe revenue will be more resilient because it will be based on multiple markets, not just traditional fixed installations but also consumer products. Our target customers will be diverse and we will be building multiple sales channels into OEMs, as well as partnerships with direct suppliers to solar installers. In addition, we have been working on complementary technology that could expand solar performance to include advanced direct thermal to electric conversion. These advancements come from work performed with university partnerships. Our long-term vision is represented in our company’s full name, Pacific Integrated Energy (abbreviated to PI Energy). We plan to provide a more integrated clean energy solution, providing clean energy 24 hours a day, day and night. Solar PV can power daytime hours and advanced solar-to-thermal materials, in development at PI Energy, can provide power night and day. In addition, we have working dialogues with leading developers and innovators of energy storage solution, and we plan to partner with them in pilot projects and further commercialization.  We intend to expand internationally, in collaboration with regional partners in different market segments, facilitating broad commercialization and diverse sales channels. Current solar energy is highly constrained in where it can be installed.  With our plan to provide our solution to cover most solid surfaces, even complex cityscapes should be producing clean energy, making solar farms possible within cities.