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ORIGIN Pelvic Care

Alexandra: "This funding helps a woman-led women's health business expand its outreach and build a practitioner training program."
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Nov 29, 2022
ORIGIN Pelvic Care is a well-woman care response, believing that we deserve so much more for our womanhood and providing transformational care that initiates more significant health outcomes throughout the journey of womanhood. ORIGIN Pelvic Care serves women at every stage, specializing in women's reproductive health, sexuality, and the birth continuum. My approach to pelvic care is to uphold deep reverence and respect for the sacredness of the body, uniquely for each woman. This care is founded upon my belief that it is not only meaningful and transformational on the individual level but essential to our world to care for women and their wombs more greatly. This care is holistic and integrative, trauma-informed and individually based, and fosters well-woman respect for life. Through this care, women with vulvodynia finally experience ease in their body, women with chronic menstrual pain finally experience hormonal balance and cramp-free periods, women with endometriosis experience pain-free living and hormonal balance, women with reoccurring ovarian cysts have their cysts heal naturally, women with multiple rounds of failed IVF conceive naturally, and we initiate more excellent birthing outcomes, decreasing rates of birth trauma as well as reproductive surgeries via our supportive protocols and hands-on care. My clients frequently reflect that "I wish I found this sooner" and "I wish more women knew about this." I, too, hope to bring this care to more women. Follow us on Instagram here: