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Ocean Air Farms
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Ocean Air Farms

Small scale family farm offering nutrient dense organic vegetables to our local communities
Crescent City, 
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We are a small scale family farm committed to sustainability. Our main focus is organic vegetables (almost 30 types), however we also have a variety of animals, some fruit, and flowers too. We specialize in direct marketing, attending 3 farmer's markets a week, (2 in Crescent City, CA and 1 in Brookings, Or.). We love coming in from the fields, and getting face to face interactions with our customers. We are proud to stand behind our labor of love, knowing it's of the highest quality and the freshest around. Striving to serve our local communities to the best of our abilities, we also sell to Crescent City's natural food store, Wild Rivers Market, and to several local restaurants including Vita Cucina, OxenFre' Public House and the Historic Requa Inn.
Our Story

We (Paul and Julie) met in our college town of Arcata, Ca. It's kinda cute actually... we were both starting to really get into sustainable farming, Julie after completing an internship on a near by farm, had become the manager of a community farm known as the Arcata Educational Farm. Paul was working hourly for a well established farm, and decided to start his own small CSA farm. It just so happened that Paul found an acre lease on property that shared a fence line with Julie's educational farm. He happened to have access to a tractor, and her farm had a composting toilet, and that's how it all began. Julie was born and raised on a family farm in Iowa, Paul got hooked into farming fascinated with his part time job durning college. Together they moved up to Del Norte County with out knowing anyone. A leaky travel trailer, a dog, and 5 acres of old sheep pasture, we started putting our roots down right away. Garlic, greenhouses, a barn, running water, a wash station, animals, more acres, and more and more vegetables. We're living the dream and sharing it not only with our family and friends, but also the local community at large and aspiring young farmer's via seasonal internship programs.
Our Ambition

Every year, winter/early spring is the hardest time for us financially. Our cash flow is at it's lowest yet it's the time of year to make big purchases for the upcoming season including seeds, soil amendments, drip tape, floating row cover, produce bags, produce boxes ect. Having upfront payments for future produce has been a huge blessing so we continue to offer the CSA program we refer to as the Market Membership, where you can use your credible credits at your convenience. In addition to our reoccurring annual expenses, this year we are building a permanent farm stand to give our communities even more access to our nutrient dense produce. We are also purchasing some new equipment to drastically increase efficiency and fertility. Some of these big ticket tools are... manure spreader, amendment spreader, root washer, under cutter implement, and a full bed push flame weeder.