Real Estate

New Way Homes

A new, scalable solution for creating affordable and below-market-rate housing
Santa Cruz, 
Investment type:
(Promissory Note)
Target raise:
 - $1,070,000
Minimum investment:​
End date:
Oct 19, 2020
New Way Homes funds and creates below-market-rate rental housing: affordable, workforce, supportive, and other discounted housing that is all financially sustainable.  We are proving a scalable new model for filling the HUGE housing production gap.  We often partner with non-profit land owners like churches who have available land for mission-driven housing. We do not compete for the scarce, government dollars for housing construction that are already fully used. 
Our Ambition

In 5 years, we want to have created an entire new part of the housing industry that has a fair balance between investor returns and maximizing affordability.  We hope to be creating thousands of units of mission-driven housing per year in the least affordable areas of California and that others will be duplicating what we're doing here and across the country.  We already have non-profit land owners coming to us at the rate to achieve this and 350 units under design or in construction.