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Neighbor’s Corner

Welcome Neighbor!
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Neighbor's Corner is a corner market space in the Eureka Valley neighborhood of San Francisco. We are providing coffee (from Andytown), housemade pastries, and frozen custard (from Frozen Kuhsterd) as our initial offerings. We have a specially curated selection of retail items for sale by mostly local artisans, but not limited to. We also have a space allocated in the market to host our vendors and professionals in the food and craft industries to educating the community about their products, and breaking in new products we believe in, as well as build community events for our neighbors.
Our Story

My business partners and I have been in the food industry for over 10 years, mostly in full service restaurants. More recently, we've had the pleasure of meeting and working with great artisans, chefs, farmers, and people with brilliant ideas. We've always wanted a corner store that we can share, sell and promote the products and people we love and believe in. Watching them grow and growing our business is a challenge and passion of ours, doing good for the community.
Our Ambition

With the additional funds, we would like to host workshops and events for our community such as drawing or costume making classes for kids, butchery classes for our neighbors who can take home the products after, wine and cheese workshops that build awareness about our local artisans, flower arrangement workshops for holidays and special occasions, and more. In a nutshell, the funds will help create a financially sustainable way for all the parties involved to learn and participate in a very exciting time of the great artisan products of food and people.