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MyStreme “All-In-One TV”

All Your Movies and Shows in One Place. Powered by AI.
Santa Barbara, 
Investment type:
(Priced Round)
Target raise:
 - $4,049,997
Minimum investment:​
End date:
Oct 31, 2023

  • LIVE! IN PRIVATE TESTING: FIRST FAN-CREATED PLATFORM empowering you to manage the streaming chaos
  • ALL-IN-ONE search of the entire streaming universe, curating all the movies and TV you love
  • SHARE PLAYLISTS with family and friends (Like Spotify for TV)
  • PERSONAL BOUNDARIES to “Unsee” scenes inappropriate for your family
Our Story

MyStreme will be the world’s first fan-owned streaming TV service. Our vision is to be the change we want in the media by creating a revolution in streaming: “Our media revolution will put the power of choice on every device in every home on the planet, streaming everything good you love, honoring all languages and all cultural values, including faith and family." That means MyStreme will be a streaming service that listens to all its viewers, individually, by their choices, learning what matters to them most. And, in addition to offering all programming, as each viewer directs it, MyStreme will even customize content, replacing audio and visuals for personalized experiences. Imagine a global community of co-creators making crowd-curated content via community playlists, made-for-family versions of content – and imagine all the good we can do, together.
Our Ambition

Our long-term mission is to "Unite a global fan-owned movement for good," but we have to start somewhere. The first five years have been strategically planned to build a fan base of supporters for MyStreme’s initial market penetration. Even low penetration will win content access from mid and smaller services that will embrace MyStreme to expand their reach. Though expensive, MyStreme may need to buy its way into leading streamers’ content by literally becoming each subscriber’s representative of their subscriptions. As MyStreme’s reach expands, and as data gradually proves content providers earn more from their share of MyStreme’s revenue than their own subscriptions, and viewers’ satisfaction soars, content relationships will move to wholesale cost. We embrace the maxim that making friends and partners is our best short and long-term success path. MyStreme’s user loyalty will come from an ever-expanding suite of extras that includes access to each viewer’s preferred personal sports, faith, education, hobbies, and profession; the ability for each viewer to easily dial-in their unique preferred levels of violence, expletives, drug use, nudity, and sex; and for the first time the opportunity to be paid to screen ads from their favorite brands. This initial WeFunder offering will enable the preparation of a follow-up Regulation A $75 million offering, followed in turn by a Regulation S international offering, all leading to an IPO in our future plans.