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My Grandfather’s Cuisine

Jose: "This funding helps an immigrant-owned family business buy a vehicle, food, and equipment to open their Puerto Rican food truck."
Investment type:
Target raise:
Minimum investment:​
End date:
Sep 28, 2022
We are in the phase of a startup but have already legally established the business as an LLC in Tucson, AZ, with all documents registered under My Grandfather Cuisine LLC. We already put an investment of $30,000 on a mobile food trailer 16’x8’ full commercial kitchen, but we still need more money to be able to purchase a cargo van to move our trailer. We want to push Puerto Rican Gastronomy in this area; for this reason, we build our menu of 70% Puerto Rican Cuisine and 30% authentic Mexican Cuisine. Our Cuisine is aimed at people who love good food at a reasonable price. For this reason, we at My Grandfather Cuisine LLC are asking for the loan to use mainly as to purchase a cargo van and working capital working capital loan to open our first food trailer, which will help us move forward to a brick and mortar restaurant.