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Lunchbox Dreams Media Group
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Lunchbox Dreams Media Group, LLC

James: "This funding helps us in achieving our DREAMS."
Winston Salem, 
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Dec 08, 2022
Lunchbox Dreams Media Group, LLC, is a production company specializing in Corporate Interviewing, Promo Videos, Documentaries, and BTS content. My love for photography and cinematography inspires family members, peers, and most importantly, you to strive for any DREAM they have. I started this production company to help others ignite the creativity, passion, desire, and purpose for clients and youth. After so many years of searching for that “what,” I found it in a rekindled love for cameras which at this time it would be the Canon Rebel T5. Ever since I was young, I had a camera and imagined becoming a well-known photographer or music video director. I daydreamed of and imagined how I would shoot some of my favorite actors, rappers, and singers and direct music videos. Since I already possessed cameras, this time around, getting a camera or having it in my mind felt different. I spent days and hours outside taking pictures of random things. For some reason taking pictures brought me to a different world; this was the rekindling of a passion I once had! Day after day, I studied the ins and outs of photography, sometimes watching YouTube videos until I fell asleep. At one point, I created a schedule on his dry-erase board of specific topics I knew I needed to study to increase my skill level. I even took a photography class on Udemy just to show how serious I was about this new journey. Today I now have a degree in Digital Cinematography.