Local Roots Farm Store & Craft Beer and Wine Bar
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Local Roots

Farm Store & Craft Beer and Wine Bar. All Florida, All Year
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Local Roots started as a Farm to Restaurant Distribution Company. They collected fresh ingredients from local farms and delivered them to locally focussed restaurants through the state. With the opening of their store in the East End Market, they now bring their beautiful, locally grown produce, farm fresh eggs and heritage meats to the community. In the farm store, you can also buy other unique and exciting locally made goods as well as enjoy Florida craft beer and wine at their hand-carved live oak bar. They support about 60 local producers a year- sharing the bounty that is Florida.
Our Story

Emily Rankin grew up in Audubon Park. During that time she visualized living in a vibrant community filled with unique independent businesses and lush vegetable gardens. She thought that in order to experience a community like this she needed to moved to another city, so she selected Portland, Oregon. While she was there studying sustainable Community Development she saw tons of amazing examples of how vibrant communities are formed and wanted to make it happen in her own neighborhood. In 2007 she moved back to Audubon Park to activate these concepts. That year she started the Audubon Park Community Market, the Audubon Park Garden District and co-founded the Ourlando "think local first" campaign. 2011 she founded Local Roots: Farm to Restaurant Distribution, where they service restaurants and markets from the Space Coast to St. Petersburg with beautiful farm fresh local ingredients. In 2013, they excitedly joined the East End Market family! Now with East End Market in full swing, she feels that with this access to local food, many incredible local businesses lining the community and a vibrant vegetable garden out front, that she now lives in the community she envisioned.
Our Ambition

They are wanting to obtain more coolers and expand their selection of locally made goods. They are also eager to purchase additional software and hardware to increase efficiency.