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LION Dandelion Tea

The new superstar of functional drinks-LION Dandelion Tea.Get special powers from regular flowers.
New York, 
Investment type:
Target raise:
 - $250,000
Minimum investment:​
End date:
May 01, 2022

  • ?? 770% growth since Feb 2020
  • ?? Acquired over 15,000 customers this year
  • ?? 22% repeat purchase rate making up 44% of our revenue
  • ?? Dropped cost of acquisition by 40% in 4 months
Our Story

At LION Tea, our mission is to spread the healing power of the dandelion for our health and for our planet, as it has been for thousands of years. With products that are delicious, approachable, fun, and functional, we aim to evolve our business into the first household name in dandelion brands. Our goal is to develop a line of readily available, affordable, and clean plant-based medicinal options.
Our Ambition

In 5 years, we see ourselves as a nationwide brand contributing to the plant-based medicinal movement with a line of clean, affordable, and readily available plant-powered products. LION Tea hopes to hit its target objectives of reducing its cost of goods (COGs) and increasing distribution efficiencies with a goal of expanding its marketplace capture of health food and beverage. It is our goal to become a profitable, self-sustaining leader in the consumer packaged good (CPG) industry.