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Liberty Access Technologies

Liberty Access Technologies

Access Control Innovators
Santa Barbara, 
Investment type:
(Common Stock)
Target raise:
 - $1,070,000
Minimum investment:​
End date:
Jun 28, 2021
Liberty makes electric vehicle charging systems specifically for workplaces, schools and the new generation of electric school buses and delivery vans. Our HYDRA-RX AC Fast Charger Controller produces quick charging times at a fraction of the cost of DC Fast Chargers, enabling schools to convert more quickly to electric buses. Liberty already has an established customer base of major corporations, government agencies and municipalities, now we're poised to dominate the electric school bus charging market!
Our Story

Our patented HYDRA-R EV Charger Controller is a smart gateway that combines access control, metering, reporting, and load management capabilities in one device.  A single HYDRA Controller can turn 10 low cost, basic chargers into networked "smart" chargers that are less expensive, more reliable, and more secure than those offered by other EV charging companies.  Unlike typical network chargers and simple gateways, the Hydra's powerful single-board computer enables it to continue operating in the event of loss of internet or cellular connections, a vital concern for fleet operators.
Our Ambition

Since our inception in 2009, Liberty has been envisioning and working toward a future of clean electric transportation.  Over the years we have built up a strong patent portfolio in EV charging and access control technology. We believe EV charging demand is rapidly growing as prices of electric vehicles continue to drop and sales expand into the mass market.  Rapid expansion of electric buses and fleets is our next big push.  With our patented Hydra system providing a more robust and cost effective charging solution, Liberty finds itself poised to become a major player in this fast growing market. In order to best capitalize on this opportunity, we are expanding our ownership, from the small group of angel investors that have supported us from the beginning, to new investors via the StartEngine crowdfunding platform. We are developing targeted sales and marketing campaigns with the EV vehicle makers and their dealers to drive awareness of the role that the charging system plays in maximizing the operational performance and cost savings of electric vehicles.  We are also working closely with major utilities who are subsidizing the creation of more fleet charging infrastructure at the direction of their state utility commissions.  As the EV fleet conversion movement expands across the country Liberty intends to be at the forefront.   The funds raised on StartEngine will help us to advance our marketing program for EV school bus chargers.  We will also want to add to our operations team to help manage our growing number of deployments and increase our manufacturing capabilities to keep up with demand. With our expected growth from these new markets and our already growing network of installed chargers providing a recurring revenue stream from existing customers, we believe Liberty is well positioned to either become a public company and thus provide our investors with liquidity, or be acquired as the EV charging industry continues to consolidate.