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Kaye Bakes

Natasha is expanding her successful pastry business!
Investment type:
(60 months at 10.5% interest)
Target raise:
 - $80,000
Minimum investment:​
End date:
Jan 27, 2022

Named as a “Best Kept Secret” and “Hidden Gem” of Atlanta, Kaye Bakes is looking to expand to more than just pastries – they want to purchase a cafe space and open a drive-thru coffee shop!

Our Story

Natasha is expanding her successful pastry business!At Kaye Bakes, we offer something for everyone. From a theme birthday cake to even a wedding cake, or if you simply just want some cupcakes for a special event we got you covered. We can add party favors and pastries to match your theme so you provide your guest with a whole spread of desserts at your next event. Being creative and listening to our customers and their ideas and visions on how they see their cake in their mind and being able to deliver that vision to the customer brings such joy to our entire team that words can never explain.My inspiration for creating Kaye Bakes began with my LOVE of cakes, especially, a chocolate cake. Yum! There is just something about a homemade cake and cookies that just really make my taste buds come alive. I look forward to providing my homemade cakes and pastries and my signature Tom Kat Cupcakes to be one of your favorite treats and to bring delight to you and your closest family and friends for the days craving or for one of your most memorable moments in your life.With using only the finest ingredients available, that is hand selected by the owner/pastry chef, Chef Tasha. To ensure that every client is treated like a high priority VIP client with every purchase and order made. We also offer gluten free and vegan options as well in our signature Tom Kat Cupcakes, cakes, and cookies. At Kaye Bakes, you dream it, we create it is our motto.
Our Ambition

With $80,000 we want to purchase our cafe, specifically something to start us out with a drive-thru. As mentioned Natasha is from the Tacoma/Seattle area and we want to bring drive-thru cafes to the south. We know the overhead is low, but the start cost at minimum is about $30,000-$35,000 without having any capital. But ours will be more on the expensive side as we want to make it a little bigger to expand our kitchen space and have a place where we are baking and serving in-house. We want it to be a place where our customers can come and have a slice of cake and cup of coffee when they like. What we are about to offer you have not seen in Georgia. This is going to be new and exciting throughout the metro area. The drinks we have come up with, along with our amazing pastries which we offer vegan options in most of all our pastries so we are catering to everyone’s needs.The drinks we have come up with besides caffeinated drinks are also going to be for kids too such as Italian sodas and we would top them with the matching flavor candy and or pastries. We also have a split decision cup when you don’t know what to choose and are stuck in between 2 choices. Which again, you haven’t seen in the Georgia area. Once we get started this is going to be the first of many cafes you will see coming from Kaye Bakes.