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Infinite Prism Body Piercing

Sydni: "This funding helps a disabled-woman-owned business get started."
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Sep 27, 2022
I am opening a piercing and fine body jewelry shop in Tucson, AZ. We will provide body piercing services and sell fine body jewelry made of gold or implant-grade titanium. The Associate of Professional Piercers is an organization that teaches best practices for piercing to ensure safety. APP membership has many requirements to meet their safety standards. APP also holds a database of its member shops for customers to find an APP member shop near them. In Tucson, however, there is not one APP member shop in the entire city or nearby communities. I will be the first and only APP member shop, thus providing the best safety practices for my clients. My shop will have a brick-and-mortar location for piercing services and jewelry purchases as well as an online jewelry purchase option for clients anywhere to purchase. I decided to start this business because as a piercing enthusiast, I was always disappointed in the lack of APP member shops in my area. I have never experienced a shop that has worked with me to create curated piercings that it is all cohesive, so I want to provide that experience for my customers so that they can be a walking piece of art. I have a dream of working as Front of House at an APP shop and doing these curations, but there are none around me, so thought, "why don't I start my own?".