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Hollis Cleaning Services

Gary Valentino Hollis: "This funding helps to add employees and to purchase more equipment."
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Oct 18, 2022
Hollis Janitorial Cleaning Services is a cleaning service business I began over 25 years ago. We are an affordable home, office, and college cleaning service in San Francisco, CA, serving the entire Bay Area. After my time in prison, I am now dedicated to bringing this business back to life! I was inspired to re-build this business within my first month of being home. I have been introduced to several college students, engineers, doctors, lawyers, and others who have regularly requested my cleaning services because of their busy lifestyles. Today, I have a growing client base through word of mouth and continue to drive Bay Area residents with Uber. I'm passionate about helping people with busy lives keep their homes, offices, and college rooms clean with quality, affordable services. I have now developed a platform where cleaning service professionals from all over the country can book appointments with interested customers. It's an exciting time, and I aim to hire ten employees this Fall to keep up with demand. These employees will be men and women who need an opportunity to improve their lives.