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We market CBD directly to consumer via entertaining/informative long-form media.
Investment type:
Target raise:
 - 107,000
Minimum investment:​
End date:
Feb 27, 2021

  • Over 3X growth for total revenue since December, 2019.
  • First advertisement has been successfully tested and is generating sales and reoccurring revenue.
  • 3,062 long-form advertisement airings for over 1,500 hours of airtime through 9/30/20.
Our Story

We market high-quality health and wellness CBD products directly to the consumer predominantly via informative long-form television media and online content. Many times companies with great products and packaging overlook the most important factor in generating sales and revenue. We have not only perfected the art of telling a better story, we have a proven long form advertisement that is already generating sales and reoccurring revenue.
Our Ambition

We hope that the brand Hempzene will become synonymous with excellence and superiority in order to become a leader in the CBD market by providing high quality educational content / products that breed trust and confidence. Milestones we hope to achieve: -Q4 2020, revenues over $1M/test long form radio ads. -Q1 2021, test direct mail -Q4 2021, expand into retail. -Q3 2022, cust. acquisition rate of 100,000 new buyers/month. These are forward looking projections that are not guaranteed.