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Halcium Energy

Safe, effective small wind turbines for homes and businesses.
Salt Lake City, 
Investment type:
Target raise:
 - $2,000,000
Minimum investment:​
End date:
Nov 12, 2021

  • A small wind turbine with no external moving parts.
  • Specifically designed to produce energy in towns and cities.
  • Omnidirectional – can take wind from changing directions, or even multiple directions at once.
  • We’ve received orders from people, businesses, non-profits, and governments across the world.
Our Story

We make small wind turbines for use on homes and businesses. It's a good start on our mission to change energy for the better.
Our Ambition

I want PowerPods to be generating clean energy on all six inhabited continents. As a global solution, I'd also like to produce PowerPods wherever my customers are, adding jobs and prosperity to the communities that use them.