GolfBoard by Sol Boards, Inc.

Surf the Earth!
Investment type:
(Class B Non Voting Common Stock)
Target raise:
 - $250,000
Minimum investment:​
End date:
Nov 19, 2020

Reasons to Invest Co-Founded by fitness Icon Don Wildman, Laird Superfood CEO Paul Hodge, and electric vehicle guru Star Faraon, GolfBoard has quickly achieved global brand recognition. Golf is in dire need of an industry-disrupting change in order to reclaim market share of the much sought-after younger millennial crowd who are looking for a more up-paced style of play. With $16.5M in sales, we have deployed 3K units in 7 countries with over 129K registered riders enjoying over 1M rounds to date.

Our Story

GolfBoard is a single rider, all-wheel-drive electric vehicle designed to liven up a round of golf. By both speeding up the game and allowing users to enjoy a surf-like experience, GolfBoard is bringing much-needed innovation to the golf industry.
Our Ambition

After expanding our golf market share in the near term, we plan to leverage our advanced board designs to move into massive high potential adjacent offerings. We believe our company is well-positioned for growth as the marketplace for electric and alternative vehicles further expands.  The CaddyBoard has been developed with a bag stand on the front of the board plus a bag stand on the back in order to carry the clubs of 2 players. Designed specifically for Caddies, the CaddyBoard allows the Caddy to get around the course faster, and service their clients better while avoiding the physical strain of carrying 2 golf bags 18 holes. With the CaddyBoard, the Caddy can be on the tee box with their clients when they’re driving, then quickly get out in front to find their balls, measure distance, and select the right club.