Mobile Automatic Payment Solutions for Worldwide Tolling
Cooper City, 
Investment type:
(Convertible Note)
Target raise:
 - 250,000
Minimum investment:​
End date:
Apr 02, 2021

  • We built an app for drivers to pay tolls, even when renting, using a rideshare, or traveling
  • Our team has had several 8-figure exits with businesses sold to multi-billion dollar companies
  • Our CTO lead the team that invented mobile GPS at Motorola, and holds more than 80 patents
Our Story

GeoToll pays your tolls using only your phone. Simply download our app, enter your vehicle and payment information, and start driving! Whether you are driving your own car, a friend's car, or a rental, just drive through the toll gantry with your phone on. For tolling agencies, GeoToll means fewer misses (100% accuracy) and cost savings. For drivers, GeoToll means unprecedented convenience, no cash lane waiting, and unique features like expense reporting, trip planning, and carpool toll sharing.
Our Ambition

Our 5-year goal is to become the go-to method for tolling payments. To start, we are piloting with leading tolling agencies to prove our benefit to customers and agencies alike. Next, we plan to expand across the US and even abroad. We are open to exploring strategic partnerships in 2 to 3 years to provide liquidity for our early investors. Finally, we patented a range of other applications for our tech, such as parking garages, parking meters, and anywhere location is needed to confirm payment.