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Invest in a Homebuilding Revolution
Nevada City, 
Investment type:
(Common Stock)
Target raise:
 - $1,070,000
Minimum investment:​
End date:
Jun 30, 2020
Geoship designs and produces affordable, regenerative, resilient, and healthy homes. Our vision is a revolution in homebuilding — to reconnect human communities and the natural world. Our social purpose is to create tools for healthy living in community in harmony with nature.
Our Story

A Homebuilding Revolution Geoship is introducing the bioceramic geodesic dome to the world. Our technology merges the work of two of history's greatest inventors — the Geodesic Geometry of Buckminster Fuller and the Ceramic Crystal Chemistry of Rustum Roy. Fuller predicted it would be 50-100 years before the material science would catch up to his new geometry. Right on cue, in 2004, the general theory and compositions of a Roy's ceramic crystal chemistry was announced to the world. Geoship combines the geometry and materials that maximize efficiency. Will bioceramic domes replace wood boxes as the 'bread and butter' of 21st century home building? "My brother and I started building a home for our family. We did the work ourselves, on a shoestring budget, with reclaimed materials and lumber we milled on the land. Then we started questioning — with all of our technology — WHY are we still building with sticks and nails? How does nature build protective shells? Why does it feel so good to step outside the boxes we live in? We started engineering a new kind of home. Our founding team has decades of experience in human-centered design, CNC mold making, and green ceramic manufacturing. Some of the top architects and material scientists in the world have joined our advisory board. ~ Morgan Bierschenk Geoship Co-Founder and CEO We're building the next great American home. We need more than new technologies to protect the planet, we need to create a new paradigm of living in community in harmony with the land." ~ Morgan Bierschenk Geoship Co-Founder and CEO