#BLMPeople of Color


Subscription Social Media
Investment type:
(Class B Non-Voting Common Stock)
Target raise:
 - $3,500,000
Minimum investment:​
End date:
Jun 26, 2021
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Over 12.7K organic users and 227% user growth in our first year. An average margin of over 90%, which we anticipate will increase as we scale. A team of seasoned techies, developers, and creatives determined to alter the social media landscape and pay creators what they’re worth.

Our Story

Fanbase is a new subscription-based social network that is helping users monetize their content and earn revenue while also increasing authentic user engagement. Users can grow their following organically with the ability to follow each other for free on the platform, with the option to pay for a subscription to exclusive content at an increased rate, helping users monetize their followings unlike on other platforms.
Our Ambition

Currently, we believe that content, conversation, and monetization are all siloed off into discrete containers, but with Fanbase that will all change. We want Fanbase to be the singular place for a user to log on to watch and subscribe to the favorite creators, and likewise be the ultimate channel for creators to put out content, engage with their community and take in steady revenue.