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Earth Care LLC on Kiva

Earth Care LLC

Jack: "This funding helps a friend find work, a neighbor complete a project, a company provide affordable home solutions."
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End date:
Dec 18, 2022
Our business is a service with a twist; we match homeowners with contractors in a fun and efficient way. We provide our customer's the ability to book online 24/7 for the service that they want; while allowing hourly pricing and daily rentals of pros. This would save our clients time and money. Through the use of our operating systems and browser automation, we are able to cut down on the number of resources we need which allows us to pass on the saving to our clients. This ensures my partner and me with the ability to effectively and efficiently run the business. We are aiming to operate nationwide with operations already in several states. Although the business was an idea that was started long ago by my partner's family, it was my partner and I that made it official.