Driver's Market
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Driver’s Market

Neighborhood Market with Natural & Artisinal Foods, Deli & Juice Bar
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Driver's Market is a natural food store in Sausalito, CA that offers a full selection of specialty groceries, meats & cheeses, a full service deli, and an organic juice & smoothie bar. Driver's is dedicated to local & ethical food sourcing, promoting health and wellness, and providing the highest quality and most delicious foods available in the bay area.
Our Ambition

Just a month after opening we suffered a power outage at the market that almost caused us to lose over $20,000 in refrigerated and frozen products. Luckily the power came back on just in time to avoid a catastrophe, but we want to make sure that we're not vulnerable to that type of loss in the future! We've started saving up for a generator to use in case of such an emergency, but we could use all the help we can get!