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Direct Health for Women

Stephanie: "This funding helps buy IUD inventory and a colposcope which improve access to essential reproductive health care."
Newton Highlands, 
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Oct 19, 2022
I have worked predominantly for community-based family planning clinics in and around Metro Boston throughout most of my 15-year career until Covid hit in 2020 and schools nationwide closed down indefinitely. I was a newly single parent at the time, and suddenly faced the task of homeschooling my three children, ages 6-11, while also finding a way to continue full-time work at the busy outpatient clinic where I was working. Additionally, my frustration with the healthcare system was at an all-time high. Patients were not receiving adequate time and attention from their providers, leaving women without accurate medical answers or treatment options that could drastically improve their quality of life. I wanted to find a way to provide insurance-covered care that improves the lives of both patients and providers by providing high-quality, personalized health care, and expanding this practice model into opportunities for other providers to do the same. In October of 2021, I brought that idea into reality by opening Direct Health for Women, LLC - a "micro practice" Gynecology & Women's Health office accepting most major insurances (including Medicaid and Medicare). By keeping overhead costs low through administrative automation, I can provide the level of care patients deserve without burdening them with "membership fees" or out-of-pocket cash pay fees. My focus is always on listening to each individual I encounter and providing my patients with personalized, convenient, holistic, evidence-based services. It is my goal for each individual to leave an encounter feeling understood, reassured, and empowered with the information and resources they need to feel their best.