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Day Dream Design Firm

Maya: "This funding helps A black woman owned business expand in the marketing industry in Arkansas."
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Dec 22, 2022
Day Dream Design Firm is a progressive branding firm that offers brand and website development and social media branding nationwide for small businesses. In addition to helping small businesses, we provide consulting and planning services for startups. Dreams and aspirations are commonly considered unrealistic milestones or figments of our imagination. We stand to prove that both of those assumptions are not true. In the sense of aspiration, a dream is an idea that has yet to come to fruition. Many people avoid taking the steps necessary to build their vision of success because they have never found a tangible resource that motivates them to consider it worthwhile. I'll never forget talking with my cousin, who struggled to find his purpose for existing. He came to me with his idea of a non-profit he aspired to open. He was hopeless and had trouble pinpointing what he needed to do. I encouraged him and suggested a tangible solution to shift his perspective — I designed a logo for his idea. From that moment on, he regained a sense of belonging and the motivation to establish his basketball training camp for underprivileged youth. When Day Dream began four years ago, we focused on providing individual graphic design projects to motivate and inspire others who were just like my cousin. Although I created beautiful business cards, logos, flyers, and everything in between, as the company grew, I noticed a gap between the motivational starting point and the overall transformation in my clients' lives. There had to be a way to create a lasting change in how my clients' businesses grew beyond temporary solutions. I help my clients create action plans to establish generational wealth without costing them six figures.