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Curly Tail Coffee on Honeycomb
Food & BevMain Street

Curly Tail Coffee

Nicole is purchasing a new coffee roaster!
Investment type:
(10.75% 60 months)
Target raise:
 - $200,000
Minimum investment:​
End date:
Mar 17, 2022

Curly Tail Coffee was awarded Best New Food Truck and won 2nd place for Best Coffeehouse by Pittsburgh City Paper in 2017!

Our Story

Nicole is purchasing a new coffee roaster!Curly Tail Coffee is a woman-owned, small-batch coffee roaster and mobile coffee shop that donates a portion of all sales to local animal rescue. Curly Tail Coffee’s motto is “Drink coffee and do good.” and we absolutely strive to do that every single day. CTC is all about creating a “feel good” atmosphere whether you come through our drive-thru, book us for your wedding, or order coffee through our online store.At the Kittanning drive-thru, our customers love the fact that their daily coffee purchase is going back into our community. CTC has never turned down a local fundraiser, sporting organization, or benefit presented to us whether it was donating a monetary amount or raffle item to help raise funds. In addition to our monthly donation to local animal rescue, CTC has also raised over $3,000 for our local Blessings in a Backpack chapter, which provides food to school-aged children that would otherwise go without on evenings and weekends. To date, CTC has donated over $30,000 to animal shelters and rescues.
Our Ambition

Our minimum goal of $35K will go towards purchasing an additional coffee roaster. We currently do not have the capacity to roast enough coffee to keep up with the demand at both locations in addition to our wholesale and online orders. We currently have one coffee roaster that roasts only 5lbs every 12 minutes, which already calls for several 12 hour+ days of strictly roasting when receiving 300+lb orders. Ideally, we need a roaster capable of pushing out 4x as much product in the same or less amount of time to keep up with our current status. Furthermore, a huge factor in aiding the success of Curly Tail Coffee is paying off high-interest debt acquired in Fall 2021 during renovating our Airstream trailer. We had an initial budget for the renovations but ran into major setbacks in the process and ended up almost $30,000 overbudget. In a quick pinch to pay the contractor to continue work, our only option was to take out merchant cash advances. We are currently paying out $2,342 a week toward paying back these high-interest advances. To be able to combine this debt into one monthly payment with a low interest rate would be beyond beneficial for the business by freeing up profit to go towards working capital. Finally, as we look to expand this year, we are planning on purchasing a third mobile coffee trailer to reach new neighborhoods of the greater Pittsburgh area.