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Crudo Creates

Domingo: "This funding helps An artist open a store front to share art and culture with his community."
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Dec 06, 2022
My business is a creative solutions organization that offers art and creations created by its chief creative, Domingo Cruz, myself. I am also known artistically known as Crudo. My artistic practice is managed under Learning Beyond 3, LLC, and is operated from my home. I usually sell my art at local vending events. I started this business because I've always had a passion for my culture and wanted to share that with the youth and the people in my community in Washington Heights and the South Bronx. I do this by creating nostalgic crafts based on Dominican and American pop culture, a crossing of my experiences as a Dominican American. I also upcycle products and offer them to my clients and customers. All of this is in hopes of providing a second life for the item—an item for each client to use and enjoy for years to come. There is no greater satisfaction to me than being able to keep these items from rotting away in landfills and further damaging our earth. Finally, I've worked on various life-size artistic commissions that are featured in local nonprofit organizations and local restaurants. With a well-rounded creative solution, I look to grow my creative practice, and with your help, I will continue to grow as a business and give back to the youth and people in my community.