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ChangeRoots, Inc

The app to create a new class of political donors
Investment type:
Target raise:
 - $500,000
Minimum investment:​
End date:
Sep 01, 2020

  • Impact: Donations to political campaigns are the most effective way to motivate politicians
  • Timing: 18 to 34-year-olds desire effective civic engagement at an all-time high
  • Traction: 3,600+ people downloaded the app in just 3 months with limited marketing
  • ROI: At scale, we hope (not guarantee) ChangeRoots will be $100+ million rev. company with $50 million in profit
We post a daily feed of political actions in the form of politician quotes on our mobile app. ChangeRoots explains what politicians are saying without taking sides. We write four sentences of context around every politician quote that we post to our daily feed. ChangeRoots users interact with this feed to train politicians. Users can reward statements by micro-donating to a politician’s campaign. They can also discourage certain behavior by micro-donating to their opponent’s campaign.
Our Ambition

In five years, our goal is to make civic engagement as easy as checking your Instagram feed. Using proprietary algorithms and deep political expertise, we will mobilize crowd donations to maximize wellbeing. We’ll make learning about issues, researching politicians, and achieving maximum impact a seamless experience on your phone. We estimate (though with no guarantees) ChangeRoots will have 10 million active users donating through the app each month, resulting in over $100 million+ in ARR.