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Brakes To Go

Brake Repair Anywhere
Investment type:
(Common Stock)
Target raise:
 - $4,999,986
Minimum investment:​
End date:
Dec 13, 2021

One in three vehicles need brake service every year. $9.1M in gross sales across Texas alone. Hitting a key market of unsatisfied customers – servicing 16,000 customers to date with an average pre-COVID19 quarterly growth rate of 46%. Excited investor following as well – $425K raised from over 1500 in 2019 Reg CF raise.

Our Story

Brakes To Go provides mobile brake service that resolves the majority of brake maintenance issues while facilitating a highly convenient and value-oriented customer service experience.
Our Ambition

We are confident in our ability to grow into a successful national service company.  We believe a key factor driving our success are the lessons learned from prior expansions – the most important of which is administrative, a.k.a. our centralized booking system. Regardless of service region, every customer call or email request for service gets routed to our central headquarters in Austin, Texas.   From here, we coordinate all appointments, assign jobs to technicians, and order parts.  By eliminating the duplication of these administrative processes in each new region we accomplish three things:  (1.) expansion is simplified because it merely means placing a new truck in a new service region; (2.) the conversion of customer calls and emails into actual appointments is easier due to the years of experience of our HQ booking team; and, (3.) we greatly reduce non-revenue generating local administrative expenses (local rent and staffing, for example). In fact, besides region-specific digital advertising, each of these new service regions and revenue streams comes online with little additional cost.